Venue and Directions

Emotional Objects is held in the Institute of Historical Research, in the Senate House building.

[copyright Senate House Library]

This link has a map

Room 349 is on the 3rd floor. When you come into the reception, there are lifts on the left, opposite the desk. When you come out of the lifts on the 3rd floor, you need to turn right through the double doors, cross the landing, go through the doors and carry on walking until you see 349 on your right.

If you walk up the stairs go through the right hand door on the 3rd floor.

G35 and G37 are on the ground floor. They will be signed.

Registration will be in room 350 during coffee each morning. If there is no-one at the desk please take your own badge, programme and delegates list. Coffee and lunch will be served in room 350.

Toilets: there are a small number of toilets on every floor of Senate House. If the queue gets too long, try a different floor.

Timing: We ask speakers to keep strictly to time please (20 mins) so that we can maximise discussion, and give people sufficient time to refuel with food and tea and coffee.



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