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Emotional Objects Archive: The Native American Birch Box

Emotional Objects Archive This is the first in a new series of guest posts aiming to create an  ‘archive’ of emotional objects in history. If you would like to contribute with a short post (up to 1,000 words) exploring the emotional dimensions of a particular object, or perhaps an encounter with an object in an archive or museum, please email […]

Conference Report

Emotional Objects: Touching Emotions in Europe 1600-1900 Institute of Historical Research, 11th-12th October 2013 Sally Holloway The Emotional Objects conference aimed to bring together scholars from a wide range of disciplines to discuss what historians can learn about emotions in history using material culture. Many of our speakers were curators, joining us from the V&A […]

Keynote by Professor John Styles, ‘Objects and Emotions: The London Foundling Hospital Tokens, 1741-1760’

The keynote speaker at the Emotional Objects conference, Professor John Styles, has kindly shared the full text of his lecture from 11th October 2013, which is reproduced below. The conference was supported by his five-year ERC-funded research project Spinning in the Era of the Spinning Wheel, 1400-1800. ‘Objects and Emotions: The London Foundling Hospital Tokens, 1741-1760’ […]